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Why Most Serious Photographers Are Ditching Film Cameras For The Digital Camera

Since digital cameras have come onto the scene taking pictures has been a lot more efficient and it has also become easier for the average person to take high quality pictures. Today, there are many different types of digital cameras to choose from. If you shop at electronic stores or Wal-Mart you will see digital cameras. Each camera offers something to the quality of the camera. This is the reason why picking one to buy is so hard. When you see what your choices are you will start trying to pick on out.

One of the comment problems that people have when they go looking for a digital camera is that they don't always find what they are looking for. After they buy the camera they then notice later that they could have done more research and bought something better.

It goes without saying that with the diversity in choices, buying a digital camera is not an easy task. Just as buying a car or house it is something you will want to have for along time to come, especially if you are really into photography. Some of the factors in buying a digital camera include cost, usage, and durability. If you want the newest and best camera out on the market today are you ready to shell out the money for it? Money and cost are big factors when buying a digital camera. It is known that quality comes with price, like anything you pretty much get what you pay for.

This isn't stating that the cheap ones are not good they just don't have the specs that others do. There are few cheap ones that you can get for a cheap price and some have a few specs as some others. You will need to shop around before you decide to buy one you are looking at. Even better you should save your money for the camera you really want.

Next you need to decide on what you will be using the camera for. Will you be using the camera for shooting family portraits? Or you might be trying to shoot some as the view as a professional? By knowing what your camera can do is what you need to discover first. So if you were to buy a home camera you will probably not get the picture you are looking for as if you wanted good shots. So it would be a waste to spend a lot of money on an expensive camera only to be used at home for personal use.

So since digital cameras can be quite expensive you will want to locate something that will last you a long time and won't break or become outdated quickly. You also might want some type that can endure heavy situations. If you happen to buy a nice camera you might want to get it a case to protect it when it's not being used. You should get one that is known for its picture quality.


Things You Need To Know If You Are Considering Fashion Photography School

Do you have a knack for taking photographs and a love for fashion? Perhaps attending fashion photography school is something you may want to consider. Fashion photography school teaches you how to use photography to take photographs that sell everything from perfume to clothing.

Fashion photography is not as easy as it looks. Many men dream of going into this field so they can mingle with beautiful models and take photographs of them. This is not what fashion photography is about. Fashion photography is an art form. The models may be lovely, but they can only look as good as the fashion photographer makes them out to be.

There are many tricks used in fashion photography. Lighting. Wind. Shadows. We see this on television whenever we watch programs about people taking photographs of models. But what people do not realize is that the photographer is an artist. He sees the model in a certain way and photographs her to portray this image he has in his mind. It is not unlike painting a portrait. In a way, he is painting a portrait. He is just doing it with a camera.

Each of us perceives different sights in our mind. Not all of us can see what the fashion photographer can see. This is why it is so important that he or she be proficient and serious about this art form. This is not just a way to take pictures, but a way to make art. Art that does not hang on walls, but is depicted on magazine covers and billboards and on television. But it is still art, just the same.

In addition to taking the best shots of beautiful models, a fashion photographer must be mindful of props and backdrops and locations. He or she will often take advantage of different situations in nature to create the most beautiful photographs. They will use natural and artificial lighting to make the image they have in their mind come to life.

Props are often used and are very important in the work of a fashion photographer. Fashion photographers often work for advertising houses or directly for magazines that are selling a certain product. The product must be photographed in such a way that it is desirable to the viewer of he photograph. While we often think of fashion photographers as photographing models, sometimes the models are merely the props. The real image he or she is trying to convey is the pillow, or the sofa, or the draperies. He sets the scene, like an artist, and makes it appealing to view.

Of course, fashion photographers first and foremost must know quite a bit about photography. Photography in itself is an art form. They must know about cameras, lighting and equipment. They must know when to shoot in black and white and all about color. They need to know which colors will be best for the model to wear in a certain scene.

This is not a career for men who want to meet models, but an admirable profession for a serious professional who has an eye for art, loves photography and has a deep admiration for fashion. It can be a very rewarding career, both monetarily and spiritually as it truly does give one the chance to express his or her creativity. If you are the type who loves photography and fashion, consider attending fashion photography school.


Online Video Marketing - What Style of Video Works Best?

Flashy videos sell better than boring, unspectacular videos.

That might sound silly and obvious, but as a video producer, you always have to question what the audience will respond to so you can deliver.

Should you spend extra time and money creating flashy graphics or just settle for the cheap and easy plain ones?

During my many years as a video producer, I spoke with hundreds of clients, bosses, co-workers and viewers of all stripes about what they liked or didn't like about a particular video. I've evaluated hundreds of finished video projects, often revamping them to make them better.

All that experience taught me that flashiness is what most impresses people when the video is short. Actually, I was often disappointed to realize how flashiness seemed to work irrespective of any other attributes the video had. Personally, I always favored high quality, in-depth content. Well... I had to learn that most people don't, which is why American Idol has more viewers than a PBS documentary on fish eggs.

Me personally, I love boring documentaries but I am in the minority.

Flashiness can impress people even if the video is lacking in other ways. Now keep in mind that I said flashiness works best in short videos. Something as long as a movie can be extremely flashy but will probably still bomb at the box office if the plot is a snoozer. But it's also true that the shorter the video gets, the more flashiness is a good substitute for "story."

Flashiness gives people the impression that the video is expensive and high quality. If they think that, they are almost guaranteed to perceive that the information contained in the video is accurate.

Flashiness also keeps people entertained. Whizz-bang graphics and spectacular visuals help keep people awake and attentive to the screen. Sound effects and music do too.


Back when I freelanced as a video producer in the Nashville market, I got to the point where every video I did was moving, shaking and jiving virtually every single frame because that's what people wanted. It made them believe my videos were sophisticated and valuable.

Flashy videos capture people's attention more fully. They are impressed and will automatically assume the video is quality. It's impossible not to get absorbed in it because FLASHY VIDEO WORKS!


So how do you make your video flashy? Start with some basics, like background music and a nice graphic open. Then, add some spectacular graphics that move. Movement can be accomplished through key framing during editing. You can get pre-made flashy digital backgrounds to use with your graphics. In fact, there is a TON of royalty free flashy video you can use without having to make it from scratch yourself. So even if you are using a very simple editing program like Windows Movie Maker that will not really generate anything too spectacular, you can buy some and import them into the program.

The bottom line is, you do not have to become a master at creating flashy videos by yourself. You can just buy them.

Audiences have been trained to think flashy = good. Just a fact of life folks.

Lorraine Grula
Internet Video Gal


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